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Photography, Prose & Poetry

Roger Westeren, a self taught artist and author, mixes the eye of a photographer with the unique and insightful writings to create beautiful works of arts.
Whether it is the epic battle between day and night in the art piece "Battle for the Day" or the heartfelt tale about a Grandfather's life in "Grandfather's Chair", you will feel life's experiences through Roger Westeren's art.
Roger Westeren's photography is simple allowing the natural lines and beauty to show. No digital tricks are used, you get what Roger saw through the lens. All original prose, poetry and storytelling accent Roger's photography looking in to the heart and soul of the picture.
"Views and Thoughts by R.S. Westeren" published in 2010 is a series of favorite photographs and poetry that examines life in general. The book is available both in hardback and paperback and the mantra is
Evoke Thoughts - Inspire Emotion - Create Conversation
I Bid You Peace

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