What makes your jewelry special? TOP
That's a great question! First of all all, my jewelry is hand crafted by me so it is every piece is unique. All the stones are hand picked by me for quality and attention to color. Crystals are selected for clarity and quality. Solid Sterling Silver, not plated, is used throughout each piece (unless otherwise noted). I use high quality beading wire for a lifetime of wear, And most important if you have a problem with any of my jewelry you can call me 702-277-3598 or email me ay delicatedesign@cox.net directly to get it resolved.

If I have a question regarding a piece of jewelry who do I contact? TOP
With Delicate Designs you are only a phone call or email away from contacting me directly. Since this is a solely owned woman business there is not layers of customer service personnel to wade through. Just call at 702-277-3598 or email me at delicatedesign@cox.net and I'll handle your question.

Who is R.S. Westeren Studio? TOP
R.S. Westeren Studio is a division of Tidepool Studio which is owned by Sharron Westeren. R.S. Westeren Studio is the original photography, poetry/prose and art work of Roger Westeren. All art work and written word of Roger Westeren or R.S. Westeren Studio is protected by copyrights.


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